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Ushering at Weddings is like Playing Tetris

I recently ushered at a wedding. If you haven’t been on the staff side of a wedding ceremony before, ushers are effectively nuptial sheepdogs. It’s our job to escort people down the isle and seat them in pews, and to do so efficiently enough that the attendant congregation can fit into the chapel. This involves read more »

Icelandic Dinner & The Cod Wars

Yet another great feature of iPhones is that you can scope out wikipedia while at a bar after work, allowing you to seem intelligent and well-informed upon meeting an ambassador half an hour later. I did an independent study on Vikings while in college, but was worried something major might have happened in Icelandic affairs read more »


I’ve always wanted to see York, but I went there last weekend specifically for the Viking Festival. How could this in anyway possibly go wrong? We’re talking about large groups of people dressing up like Angles and Saxons, very likely drunk, then pretending to wail on each other with axes and swords. Neato. It goes read more »

The Heavener Runestone

Civilization comes sputtering to a halt in Heavener. It is a preview of post-apocalyptic Oklahoma, where society has more or less given up. In the hour we spent between entering Heavener and at last finding its virtually unmarked and singular source of fame, we counted no less than fifteen stray dogs combing the streets. Its read more »