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Steal Tacos at Swordpoint

One of the better headlines this week comes from San Antonio, TX: “Texan Arrested for Brandishing Sword, Demanding Tacos.” That’s right! In a state where even toddlers carry guns, some jackass decided to go full-throttle 1500 with a sword. To steal tacos. We do not yet know all of the facts regarding this case, because read more »

I Might Be on the FBI Watch List

I’d like to go ahead and clear up why I once delayed an international flight due to a misunderstanding about smuggling pistols. If you’re a regular reader do press on, but this post is primarily written for whichever federal investigator handles the yellow sticky notes in my file folder at the FBI headquarters. In 2004 read more »

Rick Perry: Candidate & Singing Cowboy!

http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/3cfb0a72ef/rick-perry-candidate-singing-cowboy BEHOLD: Heaton & Young’s musical tribute to Rick Perry’s ill-fated bid for the American presidency. If you enjoy Broadway Musicals and witnessed any single candidate debate involving Rick Perry discussing anything whatsoever, then you will find this hilarious. Enjoy! Musical Tribute to the Rick Perry Campaign All Vocals Performed by Andrew Heaton & Andrew Young read more »

Keep Austin Weird

“Is that Wayne Enterprises?” I ask, as myself and the remainder of the group exit the pirate-themed bar on Austin’s Sixth Street. “You mean like Batman?” replies one of the girls. “What?” I ask. “No, Bruce Wayne. Millionaire playboy? Batman fights crime. They’re totally different people.” As I begin to explain Mr. Wayne’s hardships in the read more »