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Electronic Spoon Makes Food Taste Sweeter

A new invention called “The Tasty Buddy” emits a low-level electrical current that activates certain taste buds, so that your tongue perceives it to be varying levels or sweet or salty. This is a huge game changer, and I predict “smart spoons” will be the norm in homes within ten years. Think about the implications of read more »

Scientists Teleport a Photon Six Kilometers

We now must ask ourselves: if scientists can teleport stuff in kilometers, could they someday teleport stuff in miles? There’s no way of knowing, but my gut tells me: yes. Also apparently in physics there’s a term called “spooky action at a distance” (I’m guessing they let somebody’s intern name that one) which yields all sorts of read more »

There Will Be Self-Driving Apartments

This week Business Insider predicted that there will be ten million self-driving cars by the end of this decade. That sounds ambitious, but their estimates include vehicles which are mostly automated but still require a person behind the wheel. Regardless, I would be surprised if my own unborn children ever need to learn to drive read more »

A New “Smart Beer” Contains a Microchip in the Glass

An Israeli tech company called Glassify has invented a pint glass with a microchip in it. From what I can tell they’re basically looking to extend the idea of frequent flyer miles to drinking. Patrons can scan each glass of beer they guzzle, which then accrues points and presumably coupons or a free beer in read more »

Company Building a Real-Life Babel Fish

If you’re like me you spent a significant portion of time in high school reading Douglas Adams and watching Star Trek instead of losing your virginity. Both of them have concepts of a universal translator, wherein you could walk into any foreign country (or planet) and effortlessly communicate with the inhabitants. This September a company read more »

NASA Invests in Cryogenic Sleep Chamber

NASA has greenlighted several super futuristic research and development proposals in hopes of aiding our eventual trip to Mars. This includes among other things cryogenic chambers—like in Interstellar—wherein astronauts would be fed intravenously for nine months while their body temperature rests at ten degrees Fahrenheit. I’d be curious as to if you would be dreaming read more »

Healthy Lab-Grown Petri Dish Meat is the Future

I’m an omnivore, but I appreciate the vegetarian position. Not all animals you eat are treated nicely while they’re alive or at the time of their death. (In fact states like Utah have laws which prohibit journalists from going to slaughterhouses, because they know it’s so gruesome it would rattle public support.) There’s also a lot of read more »

The Advent of Electronic Tattoos

I’ve always found tattoos vaguely disagreeable, but this story piqued my interest. Scientists are working on inserting electronic number displays beneath the skin (think of the numbers on a digital clock) called “smart skins.” In the short term this could be used for something as simple as a watch embedded in the back of your hand, read more »

Patent Monkeys vs. Patent Trolls

The idea behind patents is that you get exclusive use of the technology you developed for a few years, so that you’re able to recoup the money you spent on research and development. Patent trolls are people who don’t actually invent things, they just buy patents and sit on them, or come up with partial read more »

Holograms Are On the Way

This week Microsoft released a video of its “holoportation” technology, where someone stands in a circle of cameras and is then “holoported” into your room, which you see through a headset. This isn’t virtual reality, because you still view the room as normal, but now your friend appears to walk around in it with you. If you read more »

Text or Call?

Last year in Scotland I managed to snag several girls’ phone numbers (thank you). Yet, strangely, a disproportionate amount of them never called me back. As a personal policy I only obtain phone numbers from women with a good sense of humor, because I’m afraid if I court girls with overly serious demeanors my personality read more »