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Particle Smashing

I think we can all say it’s a good thing that CERN hasn’t blown up the planet yet. I realize that anyone who knows anything about quantum mechanics will roll their eyes and say that I’m a moron, but the little factoids I know about physics make the news trickling out from the Large Hydron read more »

Lack of Warfare Makes Geneva Boring

I wake up at my second alarm and groggily accept a cup and pill from Young before my eyes have fully opened. “Here,” he says, “pop this.” Having traveled with me before, Young has struck onto the brilliant plan of stuffing me full of caffeine pills each morning before my groggy demeanor compels me to read more »

The Swiss Army

After the ferry ride my new friends invited me to go out for a drink with them. We wandered around in search of a suitable bar for a while, until I spotted the one destiny had chosen for us. A Mexican restaurant. With three tables of Swiss army men drinking beer out front. This, I read more »

Zorbing in Interlaken

Zorbing is a sport originally created for a Jackie Chan movie. You climb into a large inflatable plastic ball, then some guys give the clear air-filled sphere a nudge and you roll down a hill before landing in a net. It’s basically the human equivalent of a big hamster ball, and my inner child demanded read more »