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Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition

It’s Star Trek’s Fiftieth Anniversary! To celebrate half a century of terrific science fiction I teamed up with the good folks at Reason to make “Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition.” It turns out when Reason wants a funny person with boundless depths of sci-fi knowledge, I’m on the shortlist. In fact my pervasive knowledge of Star Trek is a little read more »

Triumph of the Nerds

Last week I saw the new Star Trek movie at an IMAX theater with my girlfriend, thus achieving all three of my goals from high school simultaneously. If you looked around the IMAX theater (an acronym for Image Media Antelope Xylophone) there were several hundred other nerds and femmedorks present who had convinced a date read more »

Tulsa Trek Expo 2012

[youtube width=”600px” height=”400px”]pS3PUdiM0w0[/youtube]   Recently I had the pleasure of attending Trek Expo 2012 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Such events are like plopping 2050 into 1956. The contrast is amazing, and the people are lovely. It may not suprise you to learn that this is not my first Sci Fi convention. I’ve been going since childhood read more »

Acknowledging Problems on Facebook

A couple of years ago whilst perusing Facebook I “liked” a friend’s suggestion to eradicate malaria. I did not know what “liking” the group would do, but I assumed as many people do that if a billion folks agreed to hate malaria, the virus would shame itself out of existence. Or perhaps Facebook would notice read more »

Do Lesbians Cause Tornadoes?

My state’s constitution seems to contain a provision requiring that once every two years we must pass a bill which dazzles the entire country in its glittering, bejeweled stupidity. Not all of them are bad. I rather like the absurd ones. For instance, it is illegal to go whale hunting in Oklahoma. That law is read more »

My Friends are Marrying at an Alarming Rate

Depending on what culture you’re born into your peers will marry en masse at different intervals during life. In northern Europe, for instance, you only get married if you’ve decided to take on a mortgage and require someone else’s help to fill out all the paperwork. In France anybody who’s anybody has a mistress, which read more »


How famous is Linlithgow? Well. Have you ever wondered where the very first assasination with a firearm took place? Scottish history is rife with stories about so-and-so burning down whossit’s castle, and whossit wreaking bloody revenge (generally by burning down a castle), which prompts more castle burning and revenge. Such is the case with the read more »