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Conscripted Candidates: An Update from Scandinavia

Take a break from this Dumpster Fire of an election! From the region of the world that brought you Bjork, Nobel Prices, and Neutrality, comes a new phenomenon: forced political service. A town in Norway elected a heavy metal rocker to city council… against his will. Nor-frickin-way. Iceland elected a comedian as Mayor. And I read more »

Stockholm’s Absolut Ice Bar

Stockholm’s Absolut Ice Bar operates at negative five degrees celcius (twenty-three farenheight). The walls are made of or at least coated with thick layers of ice, backlit with blue lights. The seats are blocks of ice with furs thrown over to protect your ass from frostbite. The bar provides you with a thermal parka, gloves, read more »

Dumpster Chow

Six or seven people were preparing dinner behind the counter at Christiana’s community restaraunt. I observed a colorful bearded man wearing faded pastel tie-died coveralls over a paisley Hawaiian shirt. He sported a predominately pink Rastafarian hat, black-and-white checkered glasses, and had plastic daisies and yarn woven into his beard. I immediately set about befriending read more »

The Sovereign Hippy Commune of Christiana

Christiana is a hippy commune inside of Copenhagen. Back in the seventies a bunch of hippies squatted in abandoned gunpowder storage houses and derelict buildings, and proclaimed themselves an independent community. Denmark initially shrugged and said “Fine, take the worthless buildings,” not considering that the rather large chunk of Copenhagen real estate might someday be read more »