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Japan’s Emperor Wants to Abdicate; May Not Be Able To

Japan’s Emperor Akihito has hinted at wanting to abdicate (the royal version of retiring, except with more money and less Florida), but it turns out he may not be able to. The Japanese constitution has no legal mechanism by which an emperor can abdicate. This isn’t some frilly quirk of history quite like our European friends, read more »

Queen Elizabeth Takes Member of Parliament Hostage

This week Queen Elizabeth II gave her annual address to Parliament. The speech is written for her by the Tories or whoever happens to be in power, and she tells Parliament what they were already planning to do. Only with tremendous pomp. Far more than our own State of the Union Address. Because of the historic read more »

King George V Died of Intentional Morphine/Cocaine Overdose

Okay, so this is apparently old news–the folks over at the New York Times unearthed this gem back in the eighties. But it’s new to me. In 1936 the doctor of King George V of Great Britain administered an intentionally lethal dose of cocaine and morphine to the monarch as he lay on his death bed. This was read more »

How to Make an International Bank Transfer

Scotland has finally sent me my money back, and just in the nick of time: it’s the holidays and I need that cash to make sure the Heaton family Christmas tree is properly stocked with bottles of whiskey wrapped in festive paper as if decorated by flamboyantly homosexual street vagrants. Whilst living in Scotland last read more »

The Royal Ascot

Shy of getting hopped up on Earl Grey and plundering India, visiting the Royal Ascot is the most English thing you will ever do. Ascot is a staple of the English social and fashion year, and the diverse ecosystem of lady’s hats routinely swamps the papers in its wake. Ostensibly convened for the purpose of read more »

The Royal Wedding

For reasons unanswered the British document the lives of their royal family through commemorative plates. What they do with these plates is a mystery— I’ve seen them in antique shops and grocery stores, yet I don’t recall ever spotting a single commemorative plate in someone’s home. I think perhaps Britons buy them, then stash them read more »