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Minimum Wage: Bad for Humans, Good for Robots

  Some of America’s largest cities are ratcheting minimum wage up, while progressive luminaries are calling to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Only evil people would oppose this, right? Unless…That’s what the robots want us to think? When the government uses minimum wage laws to abolish cheap labor, it makes employees more expensive. read more »

Toyota Unveils Robot Baby for Lonely People

We all know that sex robots are going to be at the forefront of anthropomorphic automatons, but Japan is adding something else: babies. It’s a big deal because Japan has the world’s oldest population, and it’s only getting older. Right now a quarter of all Japanese people are at least sixty years old. Not only are Japanese people read more »

IBM’s Watson Makes An Automated Film Trailer

In addition to winning at Jeopardy! and helping out with biomedical research, IBM’s Watson has now been taught how to edit movie trailers. I watched this and am genuinely intrigued enough to see the movie–I forgot a robot had put the trailer together. One more job which will probably be automated in short order.   read more »

The first robot wedding, and a Robot Poetry Turing Test

Robots are getting married in Japan, and a top university is combining poetry with ye old Turing Test. So I’ll prove that good ‘ol human poetry is better, more soulful, and less fattening than robot poetry. Also featured: cameos from animatronic American presidents speaking from Disney World. &nbspAndrew Heaton is a writer and standup comedian read more »

The Economics of Elysium

  I love cyborg movies, particularly if they’re in space. But Elysium is the first science fiction film I’ve seen where the economics is less believable than the footage of robots battling to the death. In this episode of EconPop we cover income inequality, the fallacy Zero Sum Game thinking, why Malthus was wrong, and read more »

The Economics of Wall-E

  Wall-E is one of my favorite romantic comedies. I like pretty much any movie which involves robots, but on top of the cute cybernetic characters it’s also a brilliant film. It’s visually stunning, and for some reason Pixar characters can really ham up emotions without irritating me, so that it tugs on the ‘ol read more »

Euphoria Girl Battles the Pink Robots

A few weeks ago Amanda, a MightyHeaton.com enthusiast and badass fellow blogger, made some snappy comments about my Pulitzer Prize-level cartooning abilities and pithy blog posts. In response I came up with a good superhero name for her and drew this picture of us fighting robots in the style of a Flaming Lips poster: This read more »

Offshoring, Nonsense & Robots

Excepting this “recession” I keep hearing about, if you asked the average American “where have all the jobs gone?” they would likely say “China.” There’s also a high probability that they would further denounce those damned top hat-wearing plutocrats who shipped our jobs overseas, and the complicit politicians who permit said evil. We need to read more »

Hologram Celebrities

If you’re like me you’ve heard the name “Tupac” dozens of times, and always assumed it was some sort of political action committee. It turns out that Tupac is actually the name of a gangsta-cum-rapper, who may or may not have died in 1996. There is some debate as to whether or not he actually read more »

The Fifties Weren’t The Pinnacle of Mankind

I wonder if, at middle age and thereafter, my generation will wax nostalgic about the 1980’s the same way Baby Boomers do about the 1950’s. The near-end of the twentieth century had its perks: interesting synthesizer music, kickass films, the fall of the Berlin Wall and a Britain ruled by the iron claw of Margaret read more »

Robots, Scud Missiles & Free Trade

A friend and I recently got into an argument about whether or not we should reduce tariffs, as happened a few months back with South Korea. My logic was, “Sure, free trade benefits everybody, and the more investments and markets a foreign nation has over here, the less likely they are to encourage people to read more »

Get Well Soon

Kate fell ill one time and felt so terrible that she couldn’t make me snacks or tea or anything for an entire week. I made her this picture to remind her that she is special and her absence would be felt by the flat if she succumbed to her deadly cold. The robot in the read more »

Fembots Among Us

Drinking at L2, a tony Georgetown club, is sipping martinis in a time machine zipping forward. It is beyond posh. A sleek and glamorous world of fashionistas and cocktails, tucked away in a Washington alley. It also might be where fembots are built. I do not know what “L2″ stands for, nor do I need read more »

Super Intelligent Android seeks Self-Aware Robot

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We Would like to Sell Our Robot

RobotWorx 370 W. Fairground St. Marion, OH 43302 Dear Robot Acquisitions Manager: Yesterday I was perusing your website and could not help but notice the link for “We Buy Robots.” Can you send me more information about this service? For the last three years I’ve used a robot at my company, but we’re changing our read more »