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Acknowledging Problems on Facebook

A couple of years ago whilst perusing Facebook I “liked” a friend’s suggestion to eradicate malaria. I did not know what “liking” the group would do, but I assumed as many people do that if a billion folks agreed to hate malaria, the virus would shame itself out of existence. Or perhaps Facebook would notice read more »

Wisdom, Maturity & How to Fake Either

A friend of mine recently asked me for legitimate advice on an important relationship matter that will affect the rest of her life. She did so specifically because I am older than her, and suffers under the misapprehension that I am commiserately “mature.” Her inference is equal parts baffling and horrifying, and we need to read more »

Freud’s Couch

I like any museum which requires you to ring the doorbell before they let you in. There is a tantalizing, awkward pause when you debate whether you’ve actually found the right location, or have (yet again) wandered into a residential district with your head burrowed in a map and brochures sprouting from every conceivable pocket read more »