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Guy Calls in Sick to Places He Doesn’t Actually Work

Prank calls have fallen out of vogue the last few years, getting wounded with the invention of Caller ID and all but obliterated with personalized cell phone numbers. But one hero, who I have already nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, has resurrected this hallowed institution. A guy called in sick to places he doesn’t read more »

Coyle & Sharp, Pranking Pioneers

It’s April Fool’s Day! So I’m sharing with you my favorite all-time pranksters, Coyle & Sharpe. In the early 1960’s James P. Coyle and Mal Sharpe roamed the streets of San Francisco in suits and ties recording deadpan interviews with unsuspecting people about outrageous situations they made up. These include asking folks about their thoughts read more »


It’s the first of April so I, Evil Jim, Heaton’s former roommate, have decided to make an April’s Fools Day tactical strike — sort of like what Kim Jong Un would try if he had any cajones. If you’ve ever wondered what sorts of songs Heaton makes on his ukulele, read on. You may remember read more »

Stateside Once More

I’ve successfully returned to the New World without being stopped by Interpol or getting “inceptioned.” After a couple of phone calls and a playful death threat, I have wrested control of my blog from Evil Roommate Jim. Later this week my cartoonery and pithy writing will commence as per usual, along with an upcoming video read more »

Jim Post: I am a great roommate

Hey readers, Jim here. Heaton gave me his prorated rent before he left for Scotland. I figured since he was planning his move to New York, I should help him out. Here’s what I did with his rent check: So, I reached out to a self-storage place and signed a contract for Heaton. They were read more »

Jim Post: The Other Side of the Prank War

“You are a patient, patient man. That is what I fear most about you, Jim.” – Andrew Heaton OK, readers. Andrew’s room mate Jim back again for the second of four posts to keep you occupied until your dear leader emerges from his Scottish Secret Bunker to dominate the internets with his libertarian humor. Last read more »

The Prank Detente is Threatened

Unfortunately Jim detected the security camera I bought within six hours of its installation. This is partly because my roommate is paranoid and doesn’t trust me as much as my innate integrity merits, but mostly because I purchased the cheapest possible camera, which extends past the cupboard by an inch like an ominous blinking tin read more »

While Unattended in Your House

Between my Eagle Scout award and total adolescent sobriety, adults in high school generally considered me responsible, often to the point of entrusting me with important things like their houses or daughters. This lead to house sitting, which has in turn spawned a number of life-long hobbies I amuse myself with when unattended in other read more »

Pranks Mean “I Love You”

All of the best holidays go on long past their actual calendar date. Christmas trees stick around until June, and isn’t the best trick-or-treating done on a crisp February dawn? April Fool’s is no exception, so below find some classic pranks which your co-workers, friends, spouses and fellow gang members will find endearing. Note that read more »