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In Search of Golem

It’s eerie to walk into a Czech synagogue and know it exists only because of failed Nazi ambitions. Josefov is Prague’s old Jewish Quarter. Most of the buildings are from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, when the Hapbsburgs cleared the slums, leaving only key buildings behind. The remaining Jewish edifices are all in good order and read more »

Don Giovanni

I can’t believe how far behind Prague’s opera technology the rest of the world is. For instance, we still use organic actors. They require things like food and pampering and often come in the form of fat bearded men. Not in Prague, though. The same city where Mozart’s Don Giovanni first appeared has only improved that initial read more »

Bohemian Roots

Grampa Heaton maintains that our family is English Scotch Scotch-Irish German Bohemian. In the past I’ve asked, “When you say Bohemian, do you mean ‘Czech’ or ‘fun-loving?’” At this point Grampa becomes shifty, either offering me copious amounts of schnapps or erratically swerving his car until my focus settles on screaming and begging him not read more »