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Brooklyn’s LED Pigeon Art

An artist named Duke Riley has apparently trained 2,000 pigeons to fly in specific formations in the sky, and he’s going to strap LED lights to each of their legs. Visually, this ought to be amazing: if you’re in Brooklyn over the summer you can see what will appear to be star constellations pinwheeling all read more »

How to Successfully Maneuver the New York Subway System

Given the millions of people who travel in New York everyday to work, live and mug each other, the city’s subway system is truly impressive. Few networks could possibly accommodate so many trains and people without an occasional hitch. (Except of course for Germany, which excels at such challenges.) But even Teutonic railroad makers would read more »

How to Dress in New York

If you’re visiting or moving to New York, chances are you’ll be wearing clothes at some point. Should you want to blend in with the locals, you’ll need to employ “fashion,” which is a concept the French made up to sell decorative belts and berets. (If you really want to impress New Yorkers, pronounce the read more »

Live from the Hurricane

  If you live in New York chances are good that my mother has already contacted you about the swirling Ragnarok of death which is Hurricane Sandy. If you haven’t heard from her yet, you may have noticed the subways shutting down. The storm presently racking New York City is “a gaping maw of death read more »

Hostel Life

I’ve lived in hostel twice now, both occasions more or less voluntary. For those unfamiliar, a hostel is basically a flophouse which costs more. The major difference between the two is that one has scruffy, half-drunk people who barely speak English wandering around at odd hours, whereas people in flophouses generally don’t own passports. The read more »


Coney Island is a sort of nature preserve for fat, loud-mouthed New York stereotypes. Conjure thick Brooklyn accents and Bronx potbellies milling about on the beach, and you will have a fair approximate of the place. It’s a gritty network of carnival rides, questionable restaurants and colorful, independent businesses, all hugging a seaside boardwalk. I read more »