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We’re Spending Too Much on Defense

  How many killy things do we need before our country is safe from invasion? The United States defense budget is enormous–it’s larger than the next eight largest countries combined, most of which we’re buddies with. But military spending is only partially designed around our protection. A significant portion of America’s defense tab is caught up in read more »

The Pentagon

Here are some interesting facts about the Pentagon: FDR did not originally intend for the Pentagon to be a permanent military structure. The idea was that, at the completion of World War II, the edifice would be turned into a records building. Boy was that guy wrong! Today our military actually has more generals than read more »

Army Range Day

Wednesday constituted the Greatest Lunch Break Ever because that was the day I got to leave my office to go shoot a pistol in the parking garage. Or, to be more specific, the Army allowed me to fire a pistol in the Police Firing Range underneath the parking garage. (I don’t want you thinking that read more »

Kiss Me, Hardy

The HMS Victory is the oldest ship in the British fleet. It’s never been decommissioned, which means that, in theory, it could still be deployed to Iraq. Not terribly likley, though, as the vessel was first launched in 1765. It’s kept in dry dock at Portsmouth today as a living monument to the Battle of Trafalgar. The Victory was read more »