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How Sauna Nudity Nearly Destroyed Iceland

Iceland is a fascinating country. Its population is only about 300,000 people, so their prime minister is more comparable to the mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma than, say, Angela Merkel. (You can look up his home number in the Reykjavik phone book.) In a country of that size and wealth we can only expect adorable political battles, read more »

Reykjavik & The Blue Lagoon

How trusting is Iceland? Their prime minister’s home number is listed in the phone book. For those who have never answered constituent phone calls before and don’t appreciate the magnitude of that gesture, how about this: Icelanders don’t use bicycle locks. They park their bikes around Reykjavik, then retrieve them later. Nobody steals them. I read more »

Icelandic Dinner & The Cod Wars

Yet another great feature of iPhones is that you can scope out wikipedia while at a bar after work, allowing you to seem intelligent and well-informed upon meeting an ambassador half an hour later. I did an independent study on Vikings while in college, but was worried something major might have happened in Icelandic affairs read more »

Sick and Tired of Icelandic Whalers

By now you’ve probably heard that Iceland recently told the global community, “Nuts to you, we’re eating whales anyway.” Their insolence flies in the face of numerous international agreements prohibiting the slaughter and digestion of tasty endangered aquatic mammals. Apparently Icelandic whale killers have something better to do with their time than reflect on the read more »