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We Have Reason for Optimism

Most every article about our future is gloomy. There are all these old people, for instance. When the herds of Baby Boomers retire and our nation is awash in codgers, will we be able to make fat free soylent green? And our education levels are abysmal. What if tomorrow’s youth are too bad at math read more »

It’s Time to Build a Moon Base

It’s ridiculous that we’re already twelve years into the new millennium and I’m sitting here on Earth like a sucker. Surely you feel the same way. Do you not feel constrained by oppressive Earth gravity each time you leap up and down on your roommate’s bed? Here on Earth my roommate is apt to whine read more »

Hologram Celebrities

If you’re like me you’ve heard the name “Tupac” dozens of times, and always assumed it was some sort of political action committee. It turns out that Tupac is actually the name of a gangsta-cum-rapper, who may or may not have died in 1996. There is some debate as to whether or not he actually read more »

Seven BILLION? I’m Not Worried.

Last week Earth reached seven billion occupants, its highest total yet. I recall in middle school being told this forecast in an ominous tone which very much communicated “you are doomed.” How could the world possibly support seven billion people? Surely we will all starve, or choke in smog, or at least fowl up the read more »

Back in Bewilderment

I forgot how nice it is to wind up in the middle of a country where I don’t speak the language and probably lack a functional ATM card. I like the sound of German, but to date can do little more than order a beer, count to “one” and mutter a couple of polite nothings. read more »

The Eden Project

The Eden Project is like Al Gore colliding with 2001: Space Oddysey. Located in St. Austel, Cornwall, where some intrepid enviornmentalists decided to make something out of a gigantic crater rendered by mining operations in the countryside. Now that crater, once a collosal divot of industrialization, is home to gardens which spiral down to meet two read more »