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The Politics of Mordor

  How Hillary won over Sauromon the Progressive, Bernie lost the Hobbit vote, and Trump disappointed blue collar orcs. You’ll recall that Mordor is both a battleground state and a “bellweather” in six of the last ten presidential elections, so who people vote for is a good preview of the general election in November. (The read more »

Congressional Districting as Rorschach Tests

As of last week 80.2% of America disapproved of Congress. To put that in perspective, if America had an up-or-down vote on whether or not to disband Congress in favor of relegating decisions to a Magic 8-Ball, representatives would spend the next year arguing about who gets the position of National 8-Ball Shaker. Yet we read more »

We Need A Useless Election to Fritter About

The GOP presidential candidate debates have dragged on long enough that the contenders have finally had to proffer up policy suggestions for lack of anything else to yammer about. This is a departure from the last six months, during which time American journalism mostly uncovered frivolous twaddle about each prospective nominee, such as which summer read more »