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EconPop: Back to School

School is back in session! Time for good ‘ol professor Heaton to don a cap and elbow patches and use the film Back to School, starring Rodney Dangerfield, to explain the value of education in terms of human capital, how signalling works, and then as per usual slather as many jokes over the analysis as is read more »

Facebook and Teenage Angst

Back when I was a lad we had this thing called “high school,” which was the cheapest way to corral all of the young people into a confined space where they wouldn’t bother adults during working hours. (Except for the teachers.) There were various classes, all designed to prep us for life as adults: Chemistry, read more »

Fraternity Life in Hindsight

The Greek System, composed of fraternities and sororities, functions as a campus Bilderberg Group at many American universities. While I was part of a fraternity, we never had much clout, as we were effectively the Kosovo of the Greek System. Our basement certainly had that second world, the-bombing-stopped-yesterday charm. Its decor consisted of graffiti on read more »

How High School Student Councils Hurt Democracy

Despite their intent to educate youth about government, high school student councils train students to trivialize the entire democratic process. I know that many of my readers are Type A personalities who valiantly served their country by holding office for an entire year as Sophomore Class Treasurer. I fall into that category myself. My problem read more »

Westlaw Policies, I Defy Thee!

My friend Sara is studying to become a lawyer. Recently I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sending me a copy of  the landmark Citizens United case. She did, but stipulated in the e-mail that it was “for educational purposes only.” Below herewith please find my response. Andrew Heaton is a writer and standup comedian read more »

Lessons Learned as a Substitute P.E. Teacher

1. Teachers do not like it if you bribe students with coffee. 2. If you say “We can either play kickball or watch an instructional video about peanuts narrated by Walter Mondale,” 19/20 children will emphatically want to play kickball, while one socially awkward child will stand next to you on the playground wanting to read more »

St. Andrew’s

St. Andrew’s is a small coast-nudging college town which sports Scotland’s oldest university and the birthplace of golf. Named after the Apostle Andrew, who allegedly journeyed to the Kingdom of Fife posthumously at the behest of a Greek monk. You can see the ruins of the cathedral today; huge spires of Gothic rubble peaking out read more »