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Everyone You Love Did Drugs

It turns out that a lot of accomplished, well-respected historical figures did drugs. From Winston Churchill taking amphetamines to Thomas Edison lacing his wine with cocaine, not everyone who uses narcotics is a hopeless basket case living in a dumpster. While some drug users spiral into addiction and crime, others go on to become president. It’s time to debunk read more »

FDA Launches App Competition for Opioid Addiction

I’m not normally a big fan of the Food and Drug Administration. If you’re an FDA bureaucrat and you’re told there’s a promising new drug that might cure a disease, but there’s a small chance people will die from side effects, you have more personal incentive to veto it than approve it. (No one is going to read more »

King George V Died of Intentional Morphine/Cocaine Overdose

Okay, so this is apparently old news–the folks over at the New York Times unearthed this gem back in the eighties. But it’s new to me. In 1936 the doctor of King George V of Great Britain administered an intentionally lethal dose of cocaine and morphine to the monarch as he lay on his death bed. This was read more »