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Congressional New Year’s Resolutions

  As 2017 thankfully limps to its conclusion, we turn our sights to 2018 and ways in which Congress can be less awful. In this special holiday edition of “Mostly Weekly” Andrew Heaton comes up with some out-of-the-box ideas for our legislators: Find out what’s inside the stuff they vote on Quit hemorrhaging money like a drunken sailor Balance read more »

Buck the Sociopathic Congressman

  Buck Schwartzmore is a representative whose singular drive in life is to win elections. Or more accurately, to beat opponents in elections. This compels him to seek out contests even when he doesn’t need to, or it’s clearly to his detriment. I imagine this man could artfully take any subject, ranging from lunch to read more »

Dan Boren: Outgoing Congressman Lets Loose

[youtube width=”600px” height=”400px”]Bc6haZ_Kd1I[/youtube]   My exclusive with Congressman Dan Boren is by far the most fun interview I’ve ever conducted. Running rampant through the halls of Congress with an outgoing member? Pranking Dennis Kucinich? Awesome. The congressman, in a display of unrivaled glory, did five things he’s always wanted to do before leaving Congress. I read more »

Congressional Districting as Rorschach Tests

As of last week 80.2% of America disapproved of Congress. To put that in perspective, if America had an up-or-down vote on whether or not to disband Congress in favor of relegating decisions to a Magic 8-Ball, representatives would spend the next year arguing about who gets the position of National 8-Ball Shaker. Yet we read more »