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China Bans Un-Patriotic Sound Effects and Gays on Television

What I want to know is, what constitutes “un-patriotic sound effects”? That seems very specific and very ambiguous at the same time. The followup question is, which commie commissar is put in charge of patriotic sound effect quality control? If the Chinese ever take over, I want that guy’s job. Learn More: “China Bans Un-Patriotic Sound read more »

China Replicates Austrian Town

Our friends in China are so enamored with Austria that they’re replicating entire towns. They’ve already cloned the Austrian burg of Hallstatt, and now those crafty Reds are carefully analyzing the castle featured in The Sound of Music and the cute gabled homes of nearby Innsbruck to build their own gingerbread metropolis. This replication initially outraged some of read more »

The Majestic Chinese Dog Lion

I would like to congratulate the innovative zookeepers of Louhe, China, for literally trying to pawn off a large hairy dog as a lion. This came to international attention last week when a visiting mother and child realized that the prized lion they had paid to see was, in fact, a Tibetan mastiff. Praise goes read more »

The Harbin Tiger Farm

My trip to Harbin was predicated on entirely outdated information. History majors– take note! In my case, I knew that Harbin had once been a distant outpost of the Russian Empire, and when the tsarist regime went up in smoke, White Russians poured into the city to create a tiny expat community on the outskirts read more »

Can you See the Great Wall of China from Space?

Yesterday I climbed the Great Wall of China. It’s a pretty damn big wall. Not big enough to be seen from space, though. That’s a load of hogwash. Who keeps saying that, anyway? The Great Wall of China, massive and impressive though it is, is still less wide than your average four-lane highway. Can astronauts read more »

I am Allergic to Beijing

According to the 2000 census Beijing has thirteen million people in it, with an additional three million visitors temporarily living here for business or tourism. It is a wopping big city. Peking University is one of the top in China, sort of the Harvard of East Asia. 46,000 students attend class here, three of which read more »

Hiding in a Xi’An Supermarket

Some of the interesting things you can purchase in a Chinese supermarket include curried crabs and swordfish spine, popular American DVD’s and CD’s for two dollars or less, microwaves, and shoes that don’t fit. I decided to buy some sunglasses, and handed them to the attendant nearest me. She gestured for me to follow her read more »