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My Secret Family Near the Alien Crash Site

This month the CIA came clean about Area 51, thus confirming what myself and thousands of Coast to Coast AM listeners have already known for decades. (Coast to Coast AM is my favorite radio show—it’s like the BBC for people who believe in Bigfoot encounters. A terrific program!) My fascination with Area 51 goes straight read more »

The Crippling Disappointment of Avalanche Dysfunction

I spent most of my childhood being a kid. You probably did too, unless you’re one of those sleeper robots the CIA built in the sixties with implanted memories. Assuming that you’re a regular organic person, the discrepancy between what you assumed adult life would be like whilst knee-high and what life is actually like read more »

The Fifties Weren’t The Pinnacle of Mankind

I wonder if, at middle age and thereafter, my generation will wax nostalgic about the 1980’s the same way Baby Boomers do about the 1950’s. The near-end of the twentieth century had its perks: interesting synthesizer music, kickass films, the fall of the Berlin Wall and a Britain ruled by the iron claw of Margaret read more »

You’re Taking the Zucchinis Either Way

Neighbors were serious business during my formative years. Until I left for college I knew every family in our housing edition; in fact everybody even knew everyone else’s dog’s name. Overall we probably gossiped more about resident canine mischief than we did about the neighborhood alcoholics. That’s how well interconnected we were when I was read more »