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How famous is Linlithgow? Well. Have you ever wondered where the very first assasination with a firearm took place? Scottish history is rife with stories about so-and-so burning down whossit’s castle, and whossit wreaking bloody revenge (generally by burning down a castle), which prompts more castle burning and revenge. Such is the case with the read more »

Thwarting the Vampire Castle

I realized only the night before that in less than a week Scotland would expel me like Coke through its nostrils after a really good punchline. My goal of achieving knighthood before returning to America’s heartland was in serious jeopardy. The best plan, I reasoned, was to achieve a more realistic goal. If I could read more »

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is the last in Britain which had to put up with a siege, and there’s a decent chance my ancestors were right there lobbing cannonballs at it. Coincidentally performing the same act I unwittingly did in Oxford three months ago– treason. The city of Sterling, “Gateway to the Highlands,” is the most strategic read more »