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Desperate Mayors Compete for Amazon HQ2

You can almost see trails of drool spreading out from towns across America as local leaders feverishly hope to snag the second Amazon headquarters. In the latest Reason video I team up with comic geniuses Austin Bragg (opposite me) and Meredith Bragg (off camera) to highlight the absurdity of tax breaks through two sociopathic mayors. In my case, read more »

Death by Jury Foreman

  This week Buck Schwartzmore slides down the totem poll of democracy yet another wrung, pinning his hopes on a political comeback by winning his Jury Foreman election in an landslide. Unfortunately I didn’t get selected for jury duty until well after I‘d shot this video. Which is a shame, because I had no idea how read more »

Fire Marshall Elections

  Buck Schwartzmore is back in the saddle this week, doing the only thing he knows how to do: wage relentless, sleazy campaigns. Last week’s introductory sketch of the sociopathic congressman received great feedback, particularly from my Washington, DC friends. (I even got a nice write up in Roll Call.) This week the disgraced and defeated politician turns his energies towards read more »