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Why America Needs A Monarchy

We threw the baby out with the bathwater when we kicked the monarchy out of America, and we ought to bring it back. To be clear, I do not mean the sort of hereditary tyrants who rule North Korea, Saudi Arabia, or the New York Yankees. Rather, I’d like for us to get one of read more »

Money News Around the World

Please tell the Pulitzer Prize committee to give me an award for doing an entire story not based on a Donald Trump tweet. Maybe a new category? In any case, the latest episode of Mostly Weekly explores money around the world, from Britain’s new vegan-friendly £5 note, to Venezuela where inflation is so rampant shopkeepers read more »

Queen Elizabeth Takes Member of Parliament Hostage

This week Queen Elizabeth II gave her annual address to Parliament. The speech is written for her by the Tories or whoever happens to be in power, and she tells Parliament what they were already planning to do. Only with tremendous pomp. Far more than our own State of the Union Address. Because of the historic read more »

King George V Died of Intentional Morphine/Cocaine Overdose

Okay, so this is apparently old news–the folks over at the New York Times unearthed this gem back in the eighties. But it’s new to me. In 1936 the doctor of King George V of Great Britain administered an intentionally lethal dose of cocaine and morphine to the monarch as he lay on his death bed. This was read more »

Boaty McBoatface

The United Kingdom let the Internet choose the name of it’s latest research vessel. And what did the Internet choose? RRS Newton? RRS Hawking? No. The Internet overwhelming decided to name the latest polar research ship “Boaty McBoatface.” I think it’s kind of catchy, and I hope the British keep doing this kind of thing. read more »