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WARNING: This post isn’t funny until the end. It’s barely even infotaining. If you want European hilarity, just skip the article and check out the YouTube clip at the bottom of Nigel Farage being a dickhead to Herman Van Rompuy. Brussels is akin to the Washington of Europe. It’s multicultural, young, educated, and international. Like Washington, read more »

De Muppets Bar

Belgium, for some reason, has the second highest suicide rate in Europe. So to combat depression, the Bruges City Council declared Langestraat Street an official “hello street” a couple of years ago. Signs along it encourage pedestrians to salute each other and be friendly. I lead a one man unofficial crusade to this effect during read more »

Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen Castle is an impressive medieval fortress of moderate size. It also had what must have been the most sadistic counts in Europe. Nearly every room had an explanation like this: “This hall originally started as the count’s private chapel, but was later converted into ‘the sugar cage,’ where prisoners awaited torture.” The antechamber was read more »