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Pandas Are No Longer Endangered

By far the single most-read blog post I have ever cranked out is “Pandas Are Dumb,” in which I make the argument that pandas, while adorable, are pretty much an evolutionary dead end. If humans weren’t pushing them around, their species is so unfathomably stupid that something else (like dolphins or possibly even clever rocks) would instead. I still get read more »

Pandas are Dumb

I don’t think we should actively hunt pandas for sport, and I’m perfectly fine with feeding them at zoos and protecting them from communists. But within the field of endangered species I think we should admit that the dwindling number of wild pandas is at least partially their own fault. Pandas are an evolutionary dead read more »

Wotjek the Bear

The all-time best animal at Edinburgh Zoo was definitely Wojtek the bear. Let me tell you about Wojtek. Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear that the Polish army adopted during World War II while in Iran. A local boy captured the bear cub, then offered to sell it to the Polish army for two cans read more »

A Pup Tent Pitched for Two?

I just moved to Oklahoma to start a law degree, and before I hit the books this fall I’d like to spend some quality time with a quality gal. I’m tall dark and handsome, in my mid-twenties, and love to go camping, hiking, and generally anything that involves sleeping under the stars.  Or I did read more »

Bear Watching in Transylvania

The best thing about Brasov is trash can bears. The mountains that surround the city are expansive and heavily wooded. At night brown bears shuffle down from the heights to poke around the city’s periphery and forage in dumpsters. As soon as I heard about this, finding some bears became my top priority in life, read more »