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China Replicates Austrian Town

Our friends in China are so enamored with Austria that they’re replicating entire towns. They’ve already cloned the Austrian burg of Hallstatt, and now those crafty Reds are carefully analyzing the castle featured in The Sound of Music and the cute gabled homes of nearby Innsbruck to build their own gingerbread metropolis. This replication initially outraged some of read more »

Six Embassies and a Penguin

Tucked away near the Van Ness metro stop is a cluster of embassies intentionally located where protestors will either get confused and disband, or at least be far enough out of sight that pesky dissenters like Falun Gong will get minimal media coverage. Embassies include China, Israel, Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia and Nigeria. And, for whatever read more »

Freud’s Couch

I like any museum which requires you to ring the doorbell before they let you in. There is a tantalizing, awkward pause when you debate whether you’ve actually found the right location, or have (yet again) wandered into a residential district with your head burrowed in a map and brochures sprouting from every conceivable pocket read more »

Sherbert Waltzes

Vienna might be the best metropolis for starving artists. Coffee first made European mornings bearable via Austria’s capital, when retreating Turks abandoned bags of the caffeinated beans in their wake. Ever since Vienna has been a serious cafe town. Its denizens pride themselves in lounging around coffee houses, sipping brew. That combined, with the abundant read more »

Back in Bewilderment

I forgot how nice it is to wind up in the middle of a country where I don’t speak the language and probably lack a functional ATM card. I like the sound of German, but to date can do little more than order a beer, count to “one” and mutter a couple of polite nothings. read more »