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Brooklyn’s LED Pigeon Art

An artist named Duke Riley has apparently trained 2,000 pigeons to fly in specific formations in the sky, and he’s going to strap LED lights to each of their legs. Visually, this ought to be amazing: if you’re in Brooklyn over the summer you can see what will appear to be star constellations pinwheeling all read more »


My favorite thing about Dusseldorf is the respectable modern architecture. “Respectable modern architecture” is a feat in and of itself. The 1970’s hit Britain and America pretty hard, and you can still see edifices with all the grace and pizazz of a gray shoebox dotting the skylines of our cities. Somehow, across the whole of read more »

Art Quirks

What I do like about LA is its high concentration of eccentricity. Quirk can pop up anywhere, of course, but the unique thing about Los Angeles is, here it has financial backing. Someone will say, “You know what we need? A restaurant that’s completely dark, with no windows whatsoever, where meals are delivered by an read more »

Maid in Japan

Culver City, a vestige of Los Angeles, is home to a fantastic Japanese tea café named Royal-T. Unlike the tea joints I’m familiar with (anyplace which sells anything located in the UK), Royal-T is a touch of Tokyo. The tea cups are small, glass and hollow, presumably for thermal reasons. The decor is decisively futuristic. read more »

Brighton and the “Pink Pound”

Brighton is what London would be like if London were friendly. It’s vibrant, artsy, young and possibly a misplaced suburb of Warsaw. But, unlike London, I never felt that pedestrians were trying to make my crotch catch fire using their weird telepathic death-ray vision. In fact people were all around pleasant. Just a lot of kindly coast-dwellings read more »