Books by Andrew Heaton – Signed Copies



Ad-Size-LaughCommie“Andrew Heaton’s savagely funny work on contemporary American democracy is a treasury of political satire. His regular sterling wit and pithy insights are combined with his own unique brand of cartoons, which, as he describes, ‘are about what I would have produced in my childhood, had I started drinking that early.’ He expertly wields his humor to tackle standard libertarian irritants, from indignity over needing a Segway license, to the spectacular failure of cupcake regulation, farm bills, the Drug War, and social intolerance. Heaton tackles his subjects with a fresh and upbeat attitude, as if Dave Barry were running for Congress.”



haw-coverFresh out of college and armed with a research grant, Saul Heinrich heads to the backwoods of his home state to look for Bigfoot. While camping near his grandfather’s vineyard he learns that the forest is populated by wolves—unusually clever ones. He discovers a nearby town where malt shops, milkmen, and the 1950’s never stopped. Along with his lecherous grandfather and mysterious girlfriend, Saul must navigate wolfmen and gun-toting rednecks to discover the secret uniting an entire town to werewolves.



Ad Size FGAWhy do aliens travel thousands of light years just to vandalize cornfields? Would it hurt your feelings if UFO’s abducted your friends but not you? What, exactly, are extraterrestrials doing with cows? In this paranormal comedy about alien abductions Hillary and her brother Frank must stop a program of intergalactic colonoscopies, thwart a serial killer, and discover just how and why Earth fits into the greater galaxy.