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Astronauts Have Fears of Commitment Too

Have you ever wondered if I could combine my own innate fear of emotional intimacy and commitment with zero-g weightlessness and strict NASA professionalism? Well check out this video! Special thanks to Andrew Young, who not only directed it, but also added the incredible special effects. &nbspAndrew Heaton is a writer and standup comedian in read more »

Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition

It’s Star Trek’s Fiftieth Anniversary! To celebrate half a century of terrific science fiction I teamed up with the good folks at Reason to make “Star Trek: The Libertarian Edition.” It turns out when Reason wants a funny person with boundless depths of sci-fi knowledge, I’m on the shortlist. In fact my pervasive knowledge of Star Trek is a little read more »

“Stay at Home Stepdad”

  In retrospect I don’t think we’re likely to get this particular sitcom picked up by a major network, even though we added a laugh track in for the mouthbreathers. J. M. Jennings came up with the concept for it, I wrote the script, and Andrew Young both directed the piece and also tweaked the read more »

Uberdunger: Deodorant for Men

  If you’re like most weak, smelly homo sapiens, your armpits smell bad and make people hate you. You could go out and buy some sort of flowery antiperspirant, and waste money on aerosol with some sparkles in it. OR you could buy Uberdunger’s Deodorant For Men. Watch this video find out Uberdunger’s secret ingredient, which read more »

What If People Acted Like Cats

  I’ll say it: I’m a dog person. I like that dogs seem genuinely excited to see me. Whereas cats seem like they’re at best vaguely irritated and at worst openly thinking about how to fit my head inside of their mouths. That said, I’ve noticed that barn cats are pretty cool. When they get read more »

Tea Time (And Genocide)

  I grew up watching whatever bootlegged British programs our local PBS station managed to ferret in to Sunday night lineups. Crisp, eloquent possible-lords addressed the camera in many of these shows, all sopping wet with respectability. So I wrote a sketch which portrays the dark underbelly of such hosts, who might nominally care about read more »

Uberdunger: The Warlord of Fertilizers

  Product spokesman John Chuck triumphantly returns to promote Uberdunger Fertilizer for Men, the gardening accessory you need to bring your fruits and vegetables into unambiguous submission to your green thumb and iron will. This was an interesting shoot because it involved me waving an apparent hand grenade in my backyard while my landlord watched me in read more »

Death by Jury Foreman

  This week Buck Schwartzmore slides down the totem poll of democracy yet another wrung, pinning his hopes on a political comeback by winning his Jury Foreman election in an landslide. Unfortunately I didn’t get selected for jury duty until well after I‘d shot this video. Which is a shame, because I had no idea how read more »

Fire Marshall Elections

  Buck Schwartzmore is back in the saddle this week, doing the only thing he knows how to do: wage relentless, sleazy campaigns. Last week’s introductory sketch of the sociopathic congressman received great feedback, particularly from my Washington, DC friends. (I even got a nice write up in Roll Call.) This week the disgraced and defeated politician turns his energies towards read more »

Buck the Sociopathic Congressman

  Buck Schwartzmore is a representative whose singular drive in life is to win elections. Or more accurately, to beat opponents in elections. This compels him to seek out contests even when he doesn’t need to, or it’s clearly to his detriment. I imagine this man could artfully take any subject, ranging from lunch to read more »

Old People Tech Support

Chances are you have either at some point tried to get technical help over the phone from someone you had a difficult time understanding, or you’ve been drafted as a tech support specialist for an older family member who understands the concept of telegrams better than Twitter. If so, this parody sketch of a tech service company is for you. When I read more »

Beaker Time! (It’s Science, but with Evil Puppets)

  When I worked as a writer on The Independents I got to meet Bill Nye The Science Guy a few times, who’s a great fellow, and well-known star of an educational TV show in my childhood. I also met neuropharmacologist Dr. Carl Hart, who pointed out to me that heroin and morphine are pretty read more »

Drive-Through or Delivery?

  The fun thing about this sketch is that everyone at Burger King thought I was a complete lunatic by the time we called it a day. You can see the perplexed expressions of service workers towards the end of the clip–so far as they know a woman is screaming at the top of her lungs while read more »

Uberdunger: Cologne for Men!

  This week I’m introducing John Chuck, the spokesman for a fictitious line of products called “Uberdunger.” It’s a fun character to play because John Chuck is preemptively disappointed with, and angry at, whoever is watching him. Generally people trying to sell something aren’t filled with overwhelming contempt for their customers. But John Chuck can hardly stand you. Stay tuned for read more »

Frank Underwood Does Not Know how to Play Chess

  “House of Cards” is basically political pornography. I got into it (before it was cool), circa 2012. I’d finish a long day of working in Congress getting screamed at by elderly constituents, then head home to a nice whisky and an episode of the original BBC version. Shortly before leaving Washington, DC for New York read more »

Obi Wan & The Imperial Census

This video is not only hilarious, it features me with a CGI lightsaber (every video should, really, including ones I have nothing to do with, including foreign films) rocking a spot-on Obi Wan Kenobi impression. If you’re a Star Wars nerd like myself, you’ll find this parody funny. Because you too have probably asked yourself read more »

Libertarian Star Wars Parody

Reason TV recently invited me to collaborate on “Libertarian Star Wars,” a parody which fuses libertarian tropes, the antics of Rand Paul, and (my personal favorite) a tie-in to the PBS special “Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman with the blockbuster film epics of George Lucas. Meredith and Austin Bragg wrote it with me and read more »