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Andrew Heaton has performed standup comedy throughout the United States, Germany, Australia and Britain, including performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is the winner of the 2011 Saturnalia Cabaret Funny Chap Award, and a finalist in the 2011 Pardon my Pundit political satire competition.

Heaton takes clever observations about politics, culture and psychology, then shovels jokes on top to the point of obscuring his original point. He is available to perform at corporate events, colleges, political fundraisers and other events. E-mail for rates.

As Seen on C-SPAN

Friends, I’ve finally “made it,” because I’ve now performed standup comedy on national television. On C-SPAN. C-SPAN, as you’re no doubt aware, is the hilarious network which records congressional subcommittee hearings and sometimes discussions about books about dead people. It’s an absolute rocket launcher for humorists such as myself. Can any of us forget Louie read more »

When is a Joke Racist?

Standup comedians are continually on the prowl for more jokes to enhance our punchline arsenal. Occasionally we stray away from gags about airline food or poop jokes and investigate edgy subjects, like race or sexuality. Most comics want to avoid incorporating bigotry into their sets (or to at least make themselves strategically bigoted so they read more »

Dealing with Hecklers

Usually when people find out that I perform standup comedy they want to know about hecklers. How frequent are they? How bad are they? What do I do to them? Afterwards, where do I hide the bodies? Actually, heckling isn’t much of a problem. Audiences want you to be entertaining. They’re rooting for you to read more »

Pardon my Pundit

This is my ten minute set from the recent Pardon my Pundit standup comedy competition in Arlington, Virginia. The event was hosted by the Arlington Cinema & Draft House, whose owner intends to form us into a troupe of political satirists comparable to the Capital Steps. (Only presumably with less frequent resort to jazz hands.) Clips read more »