Rex Tillerson Ain’t So Bad

I’m glad everyone is staying vigilant about President Trump, who is basically as a fascist P. T. Barnum. But I encourage our liberal friends rejoining those of us in the opposition to be selective with their outrage. If you’ve tweeted your Trump-induced apoplexy sixty times before lunch, myself and the rest of the country will tune you out and go back to watching YouTube videos about puppies. Pick your battles, folks.

Cabinet positions are a good example of this–some of Trump’s appointments are truly horrifying, some are comical, and there are a few we should actually be excited about. In the latest Mostly Weekly we explore two of Trump’s appointments: pending Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Jeff Sessions is a horrible AG appointment. He thinks the Drug War is a good thing. The “Drug War” is a cute way to say “locking people in cages for smoking marijuana.” He’s also in favor of civil forfeiture, wherein police can seize your car, wallet, or home without a trial if they suspect any of it might have been involved in a drug deal. I don’t want anyone who shrugs off due process as America’s top prosecutor. 

Conversely, I’m excited about Rex Tillerson. The argument against Tillerson “He’s rich! And an oil executive! So he must be evil.” This rigorous analysis befitting an episode of Captain Planet is perhaps a tad misguided. “Evil oil tycoon” Rex Tillerson supports remaining in the Paris Accords. In fact he believes that anthropogenic climate change is happening, which is a gamechanger in the Republican cosmos. While the head of the Boy Scouts of America he pushed for allowing openly gay scouts.

Trump could have tapped John Bolton, whose solution to everything from Iran negotiations to changing a car tire involves deploying thousands of American troops. Our liberal friends should be pushing Tillerson through the Senate confirmation process and into the West Wing like a Trojan horse.

 Andrew Heaton is a writer and standup comedian in New York City. If this post made you laugh or think, kindly "like" it on Facebook.

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