As Seen on C-SPAN


Friends, I’ve finally “made it,” because I’ve now performed standup comedy on national television. On C-SPAN.

C-SPAN, as you’re no doubt aware, is the hilarious network which records congressional subcommittee hearings and sometimes discussions about books about dead people. It’s an absolute rocket launcher for humorists such as myself. Can any of us forget Louie C. K.’s brilliant album, “Jokes About the Brooking Institute’s Whitepaper on Belgium’s Relationship with the European Union’s Agricultural Sector”? In short: I have arrived.

It’s a quick set I did as a warmup act for the SOHO forum, an excellent debate series similar to Intelligence Squared. (My bit is the very first four minutes of the video.) Hence I trotted out my best foreign policy-related libertarian material, which lasted all of a minute and a half. Then I fired off some jokes about Scotland, which is technically foreign, and so probably germane to the evening.

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