I’ve Got a New Book!

haw-coverMy next novel comes out this January 8th, and it combines my sense of humor, my folksy disposition, and also werewolves. You can pre-order a copy for your Kindle by clicking this link. If you live in New York, come out to my book launch at The People’s Improv Theater on January 12th at 7:00.



Fresh out of college and armed with a research grant, Saul Heinrich heads to the backwoods of his home state to look for Bigfoot. While camping near his grandfather’s vineyard he learns that the forest is populated by wolves—unusually clever ones. He discovers a nearby town where malt shops, milkmen, and the 1950’s never stopped. Along with his lecherous grandfather and mysterious girlfriend, Saul must navigate wolfmen and gun-toting rednecks to discover the secret uniting an entire town to werewolves.


“Probably the funniest paranormal coming of age novel to come out since that awful paperback about shiny vampires with mood swings.” – The Clarion Bugle


“None of the awkward sex scenes in this book indicate that Andrew Heaton has ever actually had sex. I liked the stuff about werewolves, though.” – The Creekside Gazette


“Reads like Garrison Keillor retelling something Stephen King cranked out before he sobered up.”  – Einhart Reviews




Andrew Heaton is a writer and standup comedian in New York City. If this post made you laugh or think, kindly "like" it on Facebook.