What the Hell is the Electoral College?

We are now about three years into the 2016 election and we’re down to the wire. Next week America selects its next president. So you’re about to hear a lot about the Electoral College. That’s why we’ve made a video explaining what the Electoral College is, and also, why it’s terrible and should be replaced.

My prediction is that Hillary Clinton is going to win in an electoral landslide. But keep in mind electoral votes are winner-takes-all. (In other words, if 51% of the people in Pennsylvania vote for Trump, he wins the entire state of Pennsylvania.) Which means on election day I could be wrong and things will get very, very, interesting. For example, it’s possible that Hillary Clinton could win the electoral college but Donald Trump could actually win more votes in total. In which case, I suspect, we’re going to hear about that.

Another interesting possibility is that neither Trump nor Clinton reach the 270 elector threshold necessary for a victory, in which case our next president is chosen by the House of Representatives. If independent candidate Evan McMullin wins Utah, he might kick the entire election to Congress. Which could if it wanted to make that guy our next president instead of the current front runners. And up until last month his vice president was just a fictitious name so he’d have one on ballots!

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