Novel Excerpt: Frank Got Abducted

Craving more Heaton fiction? Here’s a book about all things funny involving alien abductions.

Read it. Digest it. Let the words change your life. Afterwards, go to my Fiction page and “like” me. (Remember, this whole blog is one big attempt to finagle a publishing deal.)

Frank Got Abducted

A pink slip, a burglary and a breakup have jettisoned Hillary Norbitz from her recently established adult life. While hungover on a bus retreating to her home town, she mistakenly identifies a man as her estranged friend James. The doppelganger insists they have never met before. So do the next two identical men.

Her brother Frank is en route to collect her when he notices a triangular patch of sky above his car with no visible stars in it. The following day he wakes up in Utah with his pants on backwards.

Together with an eccentric farmer and an extraterrestrial travel writer, they must piece together how a serial killer, a romance, and Frank’s frequent, nerve-wracking abductions are connected to a larger extraterrestrial plot. And by doing so discover that aliens are just as bumbling and flawed as the human beings they abduct.

“A glib slant on close encounters of the third kind.” – Imaginary Literary Critic

Download sample chapters 1-11 in either .pdf format or right click here and “save link as…” to download for your Kindle or e-reader.


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